Apply For Car Finance Through Motor Connect

What happens when I Apply for Car Finance with Motor Connect?

it is really straight forward and simple.

  • Complete the car finance application form on our web site.
  • Your details are sent to our in-house specialist car finance adviser.
  • They will then look at your details and may contact you for further information (So please make sure your details are correct).
  • When we know we have all the correct details we will get you an “in-principle” offer so you can then choose a vehicle.
  • Choose your new car…YOU can either choose your car online on our web site but usually, it is best to come down to our showroom.
  • Take a test drive, have a look around talk to our specialist advisers, we won't rush you.
  • When you have decided, dependent on the finance arranged you can secure your car.
  • Take delivery of your car. In certain cases, this can be in as little as a day, but we like to make sure your car is just right so we carry out an 83 point pre-delivery inspection and all our cars carry a minimum of 3 months warranty which can be extended to 12 months.
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What type of car finance does Motor Connect offer

Option 1 - Conditional Sale Finance

Conditional Sale Car Finance is a vehicle finance product that allows you to budget accurately. Giving you a fixed interest rate and fixed monthly payments. The deposit and the length of the agreement can be easily adjusted to find the monthly payment that fits your budget. Because the vehicle you are purchasing acts as the security for the finance arrangement other forms of credit will remain available to you for future use. A conditional sale facility can be settled at any time during the agreement. At the end of the agreement, you automatically take full ownership of the vehicle once the finance has been fully repaid.

Option 2 - Personal Contract Purchase

PCP stands for Personal Contract Purchase. It is a car finance product designed to reduce the monthly payments by delaying part of the payment until the end of the agreement. The deposit, monthly payments and final payment can all be adjusted to suit your requirements. The PCP agreement can be settled at any time. The final payment is referred to as guaranteed minimum future value a residual value or sometimes a balloon.

This figure is calculated using industry data on the likely value of your vehicle at the end of the agreement the final payment is often adjusted down to aim to provide equity at the end of your agreement that can be used for your next purchase.

IN a feature that is unique to PCP finance agreements the final payment is guaranteed by the finance company meaning that if the real world value of your vehicle declines faster than anticipated value (the guaranteed value or balloon) you can simply return the vehicle to the finance company EVEN if the real world value is lower than the Guaranteed future value. You also have the option of paying off the value to keep the vehicle OR return the vehicle as part exchange.

Because repayments on a PCP are typically lower you can reduce the term of the agreement or even consider a higher specification vehicle for a similar monthly payment.

So why not apply online today and see if we can help you. No matter what your credit circumstances are we can provide a car finance package that is right for you.